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Your Sportsbook Will Offer

  • Live Wagers
  • Handicapping Contests
  • Survivor
  • March Madness
  • Racebook

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What's It All About?

Always Play For FREE

We have designed this Sportsbook from the ground up to make sure that your players will have better chances of winning and win more cash and prizes than any other Sportsbook out there.

They ALWAYS play for FREE.

This has created quite a buzz!

YOUR Sportsbook will be a favorite for all sports fans.

We provide everything but the players -- that will be your part. We will host your Sportsbook, maintain it, provide all the prizes, set up all the contests, reward all the winners, and pay all the expenses.

You just drive traffic to your Sportbook and watch the money roll in.

How Does It Work?

Players enter contests and make wagers using something called Action Credits

Players can acquire Action Credits in a variety of free ways:

  1. Get free things, get free Action Credits at
  2. Play free tournaments, win free Action Credits
  3. Refer others and receive free Action Credits
  4. Win Sports contests, win free Action Credits

There are other methods players can acquire Action Credits that will be added constantly. We believe in always improving and adding new advantages.

To watch an 11-minute presentation on owning
your very own Free Sportsbook, click below

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Win Big

Players Win Big!

With sufficient traffic we will be breaking records for Grand Prizes and Prize Pools.

Players can compete in a variety of ways and we work hard to keep the competition easy.

You Win Big!

Actually we should have said "You Make Bank!". Just by driving traffic to your Sportsbook, you increase your monthly residual income, and that is all you have to do.

We do all the rest. With just 1000 players in 5 of your Sportsbook aspects, you would make over $56K per year.

Sponsors Win Big!

The very first thing we did before starting this project was to contact the top paying advertisers directly and ask them what they really wanted when they spent their advertising and sponsorship dollars.

We then developed something that would provide them just that. This is how we are monetizing your Free Sportsbook.

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The Free

The Free Racebook
Handicapping Contests
Live Wagers
March Madness

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Survivor is a favorite among betting sports fans.

Pick the winner of any game on the board and if you are correct, you survive and get to pick again. The object is to create a winning streak longer than the other players. The streaks finishing in the top 20% will share the prize pool. You can pick as often as once each day but you don’t have to pick every day. Being picky about your picks is how you win.

Your game of survivor is never-ending, with one contest on top of another. As soon as one of your players loses, they get to start again immediately.

Those who end up in the top 20% of all players will win huge amounts of cash and prizes.

We Host Survivor Pools For

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • College Football
  • College Basketball
  • Soccer
  • MLB
  • Nascar
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A Racebook With 3 Free
Wagers Every Day

You get a FREE Pick 6, a FREE Pick 4, and a FREE Pick 3 wager every day, plus handicapping contests weekly.

There are two sources of income from the Free Racebook:

  • Handicapping contests for all 52 weeks of the year, and
  • A FREE set of daily wagers.

Each day your players will get to make FREE Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 6 wagers.

With the two aspects of the Free Racebook, the money it makes is quite significant.:

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Handicapping Contests
For All Sports

Handicapping Contests may be one of the most popular games you offer at your Sportsbook.

These contests are easy and quick to enter and do not require the players to sit through video ads to participate, unlike some of the other aspects of your Sportsbook.

There will be ongoing contests 365 days of the year, giving the players' fantastic chances of winning!

Free To Play, Huge Rewards, Lots Of Winners!

  • NFL Handicapping Contests
  • College Football Handicapping Contests
  • NBA Handicapping Contests
  • College Basketball Handicapping Contests
  • MLB Handicapping Contests
  • Soccer Handicapping Contests

Year Round Contests With Huge Prize Pools

You will host daily, weekly and seasonal contests 24/7 that are all
FREE to enter with REAL Cash and Prizes to win!

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Live Wagers

For Every 1000 Players You Should Make $11,584 Annually

One of the most exciting experiences in life is having live action on a televised sporting event. I've seen as little as a $100 wager turn a non-fan of football into a screaming, jumping, super fan.

Players at your Sportsbook can earn a $100 wager that they can use on any sporting event that has a betting line. They can play as often as they want and never have to put down any money.

This aspect of your Sportsbook is very addictive for your players.

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More Leagues

  • NBA
  • NVAA (B)
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • Live Betting -- Bet after Tip-off

More Options

  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Over-Unders
  • Moneyline

March Madness

For Every 1000 Players You Should Make $427 Annually

One of the most exciting times of the year for sports fans throughout the world is March. In fact it is so exciting, they call it March Madness.

Even people who don't bet on sports the rest of the year will come to your site in March to take advantage of this special event.

Thanks to Warren Buffet, there is a $1 Million reward to anyone who can turn in a perfect bracket.

This aspect of your Sportsbook only happens one time per year, which is why the dollars earned per 1000 players is the lowest.
However during that short time period, there is a lot of money that can be made.

Final Four Sponsorship Sports Trivia Extravaganza

Your players get a FREE bracket for every 3 questions they get right in the Trivia Extravaganza.


  • The top 10% of all brackets wins "The Top Ten Share $CASH$"
  • Remaining winners will get to spin our exciting Wheel Of Prizes
  • The first player that gets all 64 selections correct will win $1 MILLION
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The Free Sportsbook Potential


Handicapping Contests$3,918 Annually
The Free Racebook$31,633 Annually
Live Wagers$11,584 Annually
March Madness$426 Annually
Survivor$8,760 Annually

Total Income per 1000 Players
across all 5 aspects

$56,321 Annually

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