Your Questions Answered

The Free Sportsbook is perfectly legal in all 50 US states because it is NOT gambling.
There is no risk as the money comes from an ingenious solution to a large advertising need.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

1. Can anybody buy a Free Sportsbook? Are there location or age requirements for the owners, etc?

Anyone in the world that is of adult age can own a Free Sportsbook. In the US, only those 21 and older and living in the US can play at your Free Sportsbook.

2. What does it cost to purchase my own Free Sportsbook?

The cost to purchase a Sportsbook is $150 per month for the 1st year if paying monthly. This includes your monthly expenses. or
You can opt to pay $1500 upfront and then $150 per month for expenses starting the 2nd year.

3. What are the on-going costs to operate my Free Sportsbook?

Starting from the 2nd year you pay $150 per month for expenses, and then only if there is sufficient profit to pay that.

4. When will our Free Sportsbooks be ready?

We will kick things off on May 1st with a $10,000 free Survivor game.

5. You say that you will take care of everything for us except finding players, what exactly does that mean?

What will you do for us to set up and keep our Free Sportsbooks running successfully?

  • We secure your domain name
  • Host your Free Sportsbook
  • Create your logo
  • Build your website
  • Provide a launch game to help you get players
  • Set up all the contests
  • Pay all your winners
  • Pay you your share
  • Handle all customer service issues
  • We even take a % of our income to promote and get new players for you.
  • We will place all owners in a rotator so that each of you will gain new players outside of your own promotional efforts

6. What will the owners of the Free Sportsbooks have to do?

Purchase their Sportsbook, name it, select the colors of choice and drive traffic to their Sportsbook.

7. Can anybody in the world play on our Free Sportsbooks? Are there location or age restrictions?

Currently, only US citizens that are 21 or older may play at your Free Sportsbook, but stay tuned for updates for your country.

8. Is it really true that we can get FREE Live Action on ANY sport ANYWHERE?

Yes! Any US or global sport.

9. Will you have tutorials or videos showing new players exactly how to play on our Free Sportsbooks?

Yes, we will have videos on how to play all the live action sports games.

10. Will you help us advertise for players?

Yes, we will spend a % of our earnings to promote for new players, placing all owners in a rotator so each owner will receive additional players on top of their own marketing efforts. We will also make sure you get enough starting players to ensure a profit.

11. When can I start promoting my new Free Sportsbook?

Once you have made your initial payment, we build a landing page you can use to promote right away. Promotions are not set to begin till May 1st, but we are not going to hold anyone up if they want to get a jump start.

12. Will there be any restrictions on the ads we use?

Any ad containing misleading information would constitute a breach of agreement and could prove costly. If unsure, it would be best to get your ads approved first.

13. What if I can't get anyone to play in my Free Sportsbook?

If you struggle to get players (and we can’t imagine you will) we will spend as much of our money as necessary to get you a minimum of 100 players so you will make a profit.

14: How do the Payouts work?

Both owners and players get paid once per month if they have a balance of at least $100. They will have several options to select from to receive their money.

15. Will you be sending out forms for tax purposes to owners and players in the USA?

Yes, owners receive a 1099, and players will receive the proper IRS forms.

16. Will Chat or Live Support be available 24/7 in case some players have questions or problems?

Yes, we will have a live chat option on the site as well as a toll-free number and email communication.

17. Will we be allowed to sell our Free Sportsbooks to someone else if we are not happy?

Yes, the new owners will need to sign a new agreement.

18. Do I need to own a Sportsbook to become an Affiliate?

No, You do not have to own a Sportsbook to sell them to others.
But we are sure you will want to!

19. How can we contact you to get more information?

Call us toll-free at 1-800-675-2912