Ohio Sportsbook Gold Rush
Make as much as $4000 with just one Sportsbook

You can deposit as much as you want up to $5000 to get a risk free bet.
Place your risk free bet on our moneyline parlay and if it wins you win around 90% of your wagered amount and if it loses you get your bet back.


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Make $40 per $100 Deposited

The bonus for TwinSpires is a risk-free first bet. The best way to take advantage of this without taking any risk is to bet with another sportsbook at the same time. Placeing your entire deposit on one side of a game and depositing the same amount in the other sportsbook and wagering it on the other side. One bet will win and the other bet will be returned. You can chose from Betway, Caesars, or TwinSpires for the other sportsbook.