Wyoming Sportsbook Gold Rush
Directions to your first $300+

You can start with no money at all and build your bankroll till you have completed round 1 and made over $300.
Or you can deposit your own funds, which are never at risk, and speed the process up to as fast as one day.

Starting with ZERO money!

Just register at Barstool Sportsbook and you get $10.
Customize your profile and you will get $5 more.

Moneyline Parlay

Wager the $15 on this weeks moneyline parlay and you off and building your bankroll
To get the current moneyline parlay, send a request to support@thefreesportsbook.com.


Just register at Draft Kings using this link and deposit $100

Make $90 Risk Free

Look for the promotion where you wager a small amount to win $100-$200 and opt-in for that promotion.
Make the required wager ($1, $2, or $5) and get the bonus.
This bonus changes constantly so read the details. If you must win the wager to get the bonus, bet on the biggest favorite you can find and bet on the moneyline. If you must lose the wager to win the bonus, pick the longest shot on the board ad bet them by the moneyline.
Now bet half of your bonus money on one side of a game and half on the other. When that game ends, you will be up at least $90!


Just register at BetMGM using this link and deposit the other half of your bankroll

Make $40 per $100 Deposited

The bonus for TwinSpires is a risk-free first bet. The best way to take advantage of this without taking any risk is to bet with another sportsbook at the same time. Placeing your entire deposit on one side of a game and depositing the same amount in the other sportsbook and wagering it on the other side. One bet will win and the other bet will be returned. You can chose from Betway, Caesars, or TwinSpires for the other sportsbook.